SCADA Alert (SA) system is a Service Oriented Application (SOA). The system provides five major services to user.

o       SA File Service
o       SA Data Service
o       SA Alert Service
o       SA Database
o       SA Web Site

SA File Service is a Windows service. It seats on a client server to automatically find SCADA data files from user-predefined folders to collect SCADA data files and then transfer the files to SA server. The SCADA data file may come from different SCADA systems with different formats.

SA Data Service is also a Windows Service. It seats on SA server and automatically integrates SCADA hourly data from SCADA data files transferred by SA File Service to SA database.

SA Alert Service is a Windows Service too. It automatically checks meter hourly data based on alarm configurations set by the user and sends an alert to the user if the data value is out of the set range. Alarms can be sent by email and cellular phones.

SA Database is a SQL Server database to store data integrated from SCADA data file by SA Data Service. It also stores the alert configuration information for users.

SA Web Site lets users log in to SA system to manage the alert system. On the web site, the user can manage user account, set meter group, set meter alert range, and set the alert time that is convenient for the user to receive alarms.

With SCADA Alert system, users need only put the SCADA data files from SCADA system into the predefined folder and set the alert configurations for a meter. Then it will automatically check the hourly data for a meter and sends an alert if the data value is outside of the configured range.

With SCADA Alert system user can manage the well production very easily, efficiently, and productively.

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  User enters user name, password and security code then clicks log in button or clicks Enter key .


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